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Olander Heavy Hauling Services

Olander Heavy Hauling Services

 With over 20 years of experience, we have the means and capabilities to transport your heavy loads throughout the continental United States and Canada. Using flatbeds, step decks or RGNs, we can transport material that creates loads which are wide, over length, over-sized, overweight, or any combination that can still legally move on the road. We will verify all routes, choose the best route for the trip, and arrange for permits and escorts as needed. These steps will ensure that your shipment arrives safely and on time. We pride ourselves in providing the best service possible.

As an agent for CRST Malone Inc, we also have access to over 1400 qualified owner operators nationwide to help cover your shipping needs. We also can outsource through our logistics division for temporary volume spikes.

LTL Less Than Truckload

Do you have a shipment that won’t take up an entire trailer or flatbed? No need to worry! With our vast networking, we are able to work to consolidate loads from several shippers and coordinate multiple destinations.

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